Sinful Delights - Jaded by Myler Disability Isaiah Case Manager:


The minimum wage young kids they hired are the problem!You get what you pay for.This firm is unprofessional,I spent $180·00 on stays out of pocket to a Hazleton Chiropractor.Myler Disability know what medical documents AS has,because AS gets my documents,not this scam myler disability!His crew of associates goes before the judge ,not Brad Myler or Lacey Burch!This commercial is falsified advertisement deceiving people who honestly need assistance to obtain social security benefits.I know if AS had all my correct documentation /all my medical documentation things would be different ,they dropped my case!Even,if you lose the case,you still have to pay this law firm 40% of your AD award back pay/ the attorney spent 5hrs.on your case.From the start to finish,majority of the case was handled by a 20 yr.old kid right out of law school.Beware,of employment offers from this firm,offered by the HE Dept.Don't hire them,after many different changes in staff /having to explain it all again to each one,I got so frustrated w/ them!I have hypoglycemia,dextroscoliosis,2 slipped herniated discs in my (asthmatic)back,cfs,ocd,fibromyalgia,restless leg syndrome,/have problems staying asleep due to nervousness/severe anxiety!Carpal tunnel in my right hand,sciatic nerve pain that travels from my tailbone to my legs/feet.This law also assists people on faking illnesses,faking injuries(disability fraud)!I was denied,but criminals down the st. From me get it/ what makes my water boil the most,is they weren't investigated because they were 50 yrs.old,nothing physically wrong w/them,they can work,but they'd rather manipulate the state of nj /collect $545 a month,while others who really need that check monthly don't get it,something has to be done about disability fraud ,wrote to as in Iselin,for the rights to be removed for representation of a lawyer,Hoping to hear a positive response from them real soon.

THANK YOU,FOR YOUR TIME,PATIENCE/utmost consideration.I also have dyslexia/adhd.So frustrating not being able to obtain ssi when I really do need it,please pray for me guys,thanks!

Review about: Mylet Disability Scamartists.

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